Mirror mirror, not Choupette – this is Maräng – english version

Many people wonder what I wrote yesterday, so here it is, in english:


Actually Meringue had gone to bed for the night – but suddenly she insisted that I should write a post on the blogg! This because it is not every night you discover that the world’s richest cat has had a bad day in front of the camera.

Did she not want to pose? Was the pâté poor today? Or was the flight canceled?

It would be nice to know how come; Meringue suddenly, without knowledge, had to take over Choupettes place in the spotlight: 16 /2-2016. Did the PR-agency simply decide it was Meringues turn to take over the role as Choupette on Choupettesdiary?

Well well… Meringue would like to acknowledge; she is more than ready for Opel (or some cat food). And please, do open up the Instagram page Choupettesdiary for vitatassar.nu so Maräng can follow Choupette! Now you have blocked her! Then maybe, we are ready for ♥ kissing and forgiveness ♥.


The photo below is published on Choupettes instagram page, but taken from my instagram page: vitatassar.nu. Vitatassar.nu has been blocked to see Choupettesdiary instagram site but as it happened, I have my private instagramprofile, and tonight saw my own photo tagged as Choupettesdiary!

A bit cheeky?





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