Still waiting for an excuse from Choupette Lagerfeld

Just now at 4:20 PM my picture has been taken away from Choupettes instagram :

Two swedish newspapers have shown interest to this story: suddenly I saw my Own picture (see below) published and tagged as Choupette Lagerfeldt. I was also blocked from the site so it was not ment that I should see my picture.

Well well, how will you thank Maräng [Meringue] for using my picture Choupette Lagerfeld? Using it for 3 days. Maybe we could meet up? Eat some tuna? Or sushi?

Maräng is ready to stand in for Choupette when ever needed: she loves all kind of food so if you’re doing advertising about food you don’t like, please don’t hesitate, just give Maräng a call!  But please don´t take/use/borrow my pictures without telling or giving any cred.

And about the Mirror thing. ”Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” ,,, sure the answer is: Maräng !


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